When lust takes over, its like the mind becomes consumed with desire and all logical thinking is forced outwards.

One can easily be Decieved and Bullied by lust because lets admit it, its hard to think logical when you filled with desire. We need to train ourselves not to let it consume oursleves so much that we forget who we are. Never let Lust blind you! You should never allow yourself to accept or do anything that you are not comfortable with. Centre yourself and always remember who you are. Lust allows us to be brainwashed and do anything for the one we desire and if we arent carefull we will easily be taken advantage of. People will control you and use your desire against you. Do not allow yourself to give in and make excuses to justify it. Stay sane and you’ll be okay 🙂

Okay so enough of the preachy business, Lust can also be a Fabulous thing*                   

Lust can be a thrilling, mind blowing sense of desire that will make any moment about 1000% better 🙂 So if you relax and dont let it cloud your judgement then go ahead and INDULGE 🙂