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Everyone wants to be Awesome. Its become this sort of disease that people WANT to catch! The Defeniton of Awesome is something like – Extremely impressive and inspiring great admiration. In a nutshell is just means that the person is a freaking ledgend :)*

The truth is, anyone can be Awesome. You can be Awesome and normal, Awesome and weird, Awesome and disabled, Awesome and blind…. the possibilities are endless for your Awesomeness!!

This probably super cheesy but i actually have a step by step guide for you guys on How to be FREAKING AWESOME* and even though there has been no recorded success rate, it really works! 🙂

Step1: Make Mistakes

Done be afraid to make mistakes. Live a little. Noone is perfect and we all make mistakes literally all the time* Making mistakes is how we learn and the more we know about how NOT to mess shit up, The Awesomer we’ll be! Start to get your head around the idea that things do go wrong and just accept it. The more carefree you are makes for an Awesome Bonus 🙂

Step2: Surround yourslf with Awesome People.

Its true what they say about how one becomes alot like the people they hang out with. If you hang out with Awesome people you will beable to learn from them.

Step3: Self examination

Figure out what it is that people like about you, its usually the thing that makes you different from everyone else. Once you know what it is… Develop it. The more you excell in the traits people like, the more Awesome they will think you are 🙂

Step4: Have no Shame

Awesome people simply do not give a rats arse whhat people think about them. Not because they’re weird and isolated, But because they’re simply too Awesome to waste their time on people who want to stop them from being who they are. Embrace yourself, Dont be afraid to do the first thing that pops into your mind and Dont care about what others are going to say about it. That my friend, Is the KEY to being Awesome.

SO thats it, Follow these easy steps and join the Awesome Revolution!!