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LooKing Good ;)


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When it comes to Beauty or style, i generally tend to try my best. Playing around with make-up and spending hours on finding the perfect outfit for the occasion. Isint it facinating how you can transform yourself to suit the occasion- Sassy Diva the one day and Sweetly Elegant the next.

There is simply no excuse not to atleast put some effort into looking good. There are so many ideas and places you can learn from, so the old excuses of “i dont know how or i dont have time” really is of little value. You  need to demand time for yourself and throw those lame excuses out the door.

I’m not the type of person that really cares about what other people think about me, but  giving a good impression never hurt anyone. If you dont put any effort into looking your best, the question of what type of person you are starts to rise. If you cant even take some time for yourself, or put effort into Yourself…then surely that reflects on how much effort you put into other things.

YES there are nights or days that you stay home and dwell around the house in Pjs watching movies, and then it is most deffinatly acceptable to forget everything i just wrote and chill on the couch. But NEVER anywhere else.

SO always try to look your best, because it reflects who you are.  And that is a Rule!


Expression is Key :)

Release your inner Fierceness*

To really express yourself means to break out of your shell and actually say and do what you feel. Imagine a World where people said and did what THEY felt was nessesary to express themselves and NOONE held back in showing the world who they truly are. I agree that sometimes it can be tough and the fear of judgement will always be around, But think of how good it would feel to express the inner you and just open up.

Nomore wishing you could wear this and wishing you had the confidence to do that. Everyone has the fire inside them to just break free, let go and live a little.

The key to expression is to simply not care what other people think about you. Once you have that, your confidence will sky rocket and the true you will come out. People will look up to you because of your confidence, your utter ignorance of judgement and the beauty that is YOU.

Never be afaid to express yourself. Be BOLD, Be Creative, Be LOUD, Be Glitz, Be Glam but most importantly, BE YOU.